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The finest Art of Rehabilitation

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has a long-standing experience in the care of convalescent patients, who have been using the therapeutic and healing thermal water from the nearby Tamina gorge to relieve their complaints for centuries.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has continued this tradition with the Medical Center in the areas of outpatient diagnostics, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation, which was founded in 1957.

The Grand Resort is making history once again, setting an important milestone for rehabilitation treatments in Switzerland: in the newly opened Clinic Bad Ragaz, patients can benefit from a unique combination of first-class inpatient rehabilitation and exclusive five-star hotel and care services.

A patient story

The Clinic Bad Ragaz optimally combines first-class inpatient rehabilitation with exclusive five-star care services. Roland Schilter, a patient from Zurich, was also highly impressed with what was on offer

his story

36.5° C warm healing thermal water

Immersion in water in effect provides a transformed physical environment for the body. The physical properties of the water include the water pressure, buoyancy, water density and thermal conditions. These bring about a whole host of positive effects pertaining to the heart, lungs, kidneys, circulation, motor system and even hormones.

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